hypnotic duet in a scenographic light installation, a physical celebration of  pain and beauty of the connection and laceration between two people. Mesmerizing vignettes of grace and balance in a hypnotizing repetitive dance score of composer Loran Delforge. 


a delirium...  a visual world of secret fascinations. Narrative and abstraction are equally represented in a theatricality that is both real and detailed, fictive and grotesque, negating the frontiers between dance, spoken text, theater, reality and technical operation. Song of the Cuckoo portrays the relation between Shakespeare's Hamlet, the human spine and the perception of madness according to Michel Foucault's History of Madness


love, brutal violence and coffee...

the world has never been so beautiful

Café au laît is a reflection on the ephemeral nature of human relations. The duet is a physical and theatrical satire on the 'true love' phenomenon and relativizes the cozy, convivial bounding between two individuals and their shared rituals. 


raw and passionate,  pushing  physical and emotional boundaries. The work investigates the drive of lovers when everything and everyone around is gone and washed away. Frontier between heroism and vulnerable individuality disappears. Disbelief, panic, affinity, anger, cannibalism and intimacy are exposed before ‘the end’. Playful, virtuosic , brutal motion on the border between fiction and reality.