Recorded in a completely closed, cylindrical space in which dancers and camera are enclosed. In this video production, with composed music by Loran Delforge, the viewer comes close, very close; at the bottom of a naked void in which the body is in control. With Fall of a sparrow, choreographer Joost Vrouenraets examines his view of theater and his movement language in a temperamental and stylized way. The work is made with and for Scapino Ballet Rotterdam.

social exclusion, urban alienation and political correctness in juxtaposition with care, solidarity and love for one another. A visceral and emotional performance, a durational tour de force performed by four women. Embodied rage, power and violence, but also tenderness, delicacy and breath taking meditative stillness.

Four performers in a monochromatic space challenge themselves in situations of exhaustion, and physical complexity. Their emotional and physical boundaries appear which reveal their personal and human, fragile authenticity. Darkness and light juxtaposed, solidarity and violence intertwined and objectivity of the body defied in an activist rollercoaster of brutality and delicacy.



brutal, fierce movement power. Breaking clichés and societal norms of uniformities, establishment and top down obeyence. Rebellion and celebration of juvenile power. 10 performers in the act of evaporating boundaries and releasing the visceral pith of dance beyond reason


loss of humanity, solidarity, and capacity of care for one another,  exhaustion of planetary resources transform this world into a dark, black hole.


capitalism, materialism and consumism. Our consummation and (digital) social practice create social, economic disorder and challenge the planet further in its uncertainty. It seems that these ‘–isms’ form the driving philosophy of this era and our deconstructive behavior becomes our collective ritual; we are demolishing the planet, our habitat. 21 dancers in a rousing rite in the ambition to create a new perfect being. A re-interpretation of the notorious ballet narrative with Stravinsky's master score placed in a millennial focus. Created for Southern Methodist University Dallas (U.S.A.) and restaged with Ho Chi Minh Ballet and Symphonic Orchestra (VN).