"EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT TOILETS, BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK" at the CUBE Museum in The Netherlands. Collab with photographer David Peskens and movement artists Arno Verbruggen and Helena Olmedo Duynslaeger.

The toilet as a transformative, nomadic phenomenon; an aesthetic confusion of carrying a backpack toilet on the body... every body.



a visual journey.  a young couple just before a fatal car crash.
The movie is a cross cut between the accident and their last hours together.


...enlarge the pupil of the eye, so that the body with its attendant personality will no longer obstruct the view. Immortality is then experienced as a present fact...

(Campbell, 1949)

heroic bodies and photography in nature by Joost Vrouenraets, David Peskens and Maïté Guérin


choreographic archeology digging deep for fancy dance motion in 6 steps
hitting the dance floor for the  SHANEL SHAG
snap ya fingers - shuffle the booty - wave those arms and hands - shag it !


photo campaigne for the FRONTIER project

David Peskens & Joost Vrouenraets


a couple in in the autumn of their life, looking back on the history of their journey

film, stop motion, animation and choreography

three generations captured in 8 minutes