29 kilometers
one man
one drummer
two horses
one heart ... to follow

[kokoro] the japanese word unites the notion of mind, body and heart. KOKORO is a 9 hours dance performance in the public space. Expanding theater, performance art in te center of society, speaking the language of the people.

ENCI Panoramic view Europe

At the beginning of last century, when ENCI started its activities to produce cement, a route linking Maastricht (NL) to Liège (BE) had to be interrupted due to the limestone extraction. Now with the ‘transformation plan of the ENCI-area’, this historic route will be restored thanks an 40 meters high stair between Saint Peters Mountain and the quarry. At the top of the mountain a spectacular view point will offer visitors stunning views over the quarry. This beautiful project was realized with the support and  contributions of various European partners. I was asked to mark the inauguration of the staircases and the panoramic view. For me this was a re-concilliation, re-establishment between two cities, the city of Maastricht and te city of Liège. I designed a ritualistic para-industrial procession with a small marching band, three dancers and 5 weather balloons


9 hours performance, non-stop

dance | photography | light sculpture | live music

a creative quarantaine

72 embodied reflections

one square


Claim your space, be free and move ! Dance by Joost Vrouenraets and photography by David Peskens connect society with performing art in the new world since Covid-19. Governmental measurements are  made aesthetic. A performative, visual dramaturgy sharing the knowledge we can all move freely and take care of ourselves ánd the other, without compromising. Each performance is photographed, mid 2022 the overview of all photos will be published in a large phonebook.

For more information, visit www.theredcircles.nl